Armin Jochum appointed to Executive Jury of NYF

Armin Jochum, CCO and co-founder of thjnk, has been appointed to the Executive Jury of New York Festivals (NYF) World’s Best Advertising.
The Executive Jury of New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising comprises 30 international chief creative officers and executive creative officers. In the course of live sessions held between 25 and 29 April 2014, the judges will select the winners for the World’s Best Advertising and World’s Best Idea awards from a shortlist. The shortlist is selected online in advance by The GrandJury®. “New York Festivals is incredibly honoured and proud to assemble an Executive Jury of this stature, each and every member of the 2014 Executive Jury is respected globally for their expertise in the industry as well as their creative accomplishments,” says Michel O’Rourke, President of New York Festivals. “The live Executive Jury and The GrandJury® online judging panel represent more than 100 countries, making the New York Festivals jury the largest and most diverse international jury in the world.”