Audi and thjnk declare the moon a “Land of quattro”.

On Earth, all conditions are perfect conditions. Now Audi and thjnk are taking on the next challenge: the moon. Together they are supporting the Part-Time Scientists, the team from Germany in the running for the Google Lunar XPRIZE, on their mission to the moon.

The challenge for the privately-funded team of scientists is to land a rover safely on the moon, get it to drive 500 metres and send HD images back to Earth. Those are the basic prerequisites of the Google Lunar XPRIZE, which was set up in 2007. Out of the original 34 teams from around the globe, five are still in the competition. And one is still in the lead: the Part-Time Scientists from Berlin.

Now they have teamed up with Audi engineers to develop the Audi Lunar quattro – “Vorsprung durch Technik” in every way. With quattro drive, ultra lightweight construction, e-tron battery technology, piloted driving and Audi connect technologies, the rover is primed for the tough conditions on the moon. It is being put through its paces at the test centres in Ingolstadt, while the Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich will lend it the distinctive Audi look.

Driven by both teams’ pioneering spirit, the Audi Lunar quattro is slated to land safely near the Apollo 17 landing site within the next year and a half and explore the moon in an entirely new way.

“What Audi has in common with the Part-Time Scientists is the firm belief that the right technology can meet seemingly impossible challenges,” said Michael Finke, Head of Creation/Sales Media at AUDI AG. “Innovative ideas call for innovative supporters. Our aim is to set an example together and attract additional partners for the mission.”

The Hamburg branch of the thjnk agency group brought the scientists and Audi together and is now promoting the mission with an international, content-driven campaign. Luca de Meo kicked off the initiative at the Cannes Innovation Days, where he unveiled the project to the global community. At the same time, a blog promoting the mission in various formats, all the way through to the actual landing, went live. An above-the-line advertising campaign is to follow.

Armin Jochum, co-founder and board member of thjnk ag: “Our agency considers the mission to the moon the next giant leap in terms of content marketing. Partners from around the world and from a host of different fields are driving this project forward with one shared goal. That is collaboration and communication taken to the next level.”

Responsible on the client side:

Head of Maketing: Giovanni Perosino

Head of Creation and Sales Media: Michael Finke

Project Manager: Ulrich Schwarze

Responsible on the agency side:

Executive Creative Director: Heiko Freyland, Gerrit Zinke
Deputy Managing Director Account: Anke Peters

Design Director: Roman Lukowski

Creative Director Digital: Grit Hornich

Editorial Director: Bernd Zerelles

Creative Art Senior: Andreas Wagner

Creative Art: Sabrina Mairinger

Creative Art Digital Senior: Florian Schaar

Creative Art Digital: Artur Schäfer

Creative Director Copy: Michel Foertsch

Creative Concept Digital Senior: Nestor Sierralta

Creative Concept Digital Junior: Martin Wiesemborski

Strategist Senior: Maximilian Weigl

Account Director: Denise Mancinone

Account Manager Senior: Niels Böse

Account Manager Junior: Louise Hobe, Karolin Kegeler

Project Director Digital: Frederike Wasserkampf

Project Manager Digital Junior: Lena Hopfmann

Responsible on the production side:

Technical Realisation Blog: Huge Inc.