The new owners await

thjnk develops international campaign for Audi Approved :plus.

What do a man with bubble wrap in an underground car park, a talking dog and a woman who knowingly bursts into a bank robbery have in common? At first glance, not much. It soon becomes clear, however, that they’re all future Audi owners who are asking people to take care of their car in advance.

AUDI AG is launching a new international campaign for Audi Approved :plus. Developed by the Hamburg office of the thjnk group of agencies, this campaign deliberately communicates the purchase of a used car in a surprising way and thus emphasises the unique range offered by Audi Approved :plus.

The campaign was launched on German TV on 6 July 2014 and will subsequently be released in other countries too. At the heart of the campaign are three films that were made with director Alex Feil in Barcelona. Comprehensive print and online materials will also be deployed.

Michael Finke, Head of Advertising and Sales at Audi: “Audi Approved :plus is a further part of the fascination of Audi. With the new campaign, we are communicating the benefits of our programme in a charming manner.”

All three clips:

Audi Gebrauchtwagen :plus – TV-Spot „Hund”

Audi Gebrauchtwagen :plus – TV-Spot “Bankraub”

Audi Gebrauchtwagen :plus – TV-Spot “Garage”

Team at Audi:
Head of Marketing: Giovanni Perosino

Head of Advertising and Sales: Michael Finke
Head of Advertising: Dr. Felicitas Nogly
Head of International Used Car Management: Tanja Quenzler
Project Manager: Julia Risch, Cristian Grajales

Team at thjnk:
Executive Creative Director: Gerrit Zinke
Creative Director: Tobias Ahrens
Creative Senior Art: Tilman Gossner
Creative Senior Copy: Fabian Königer
Creative Junior Art: Dörthe Szech
Creative Copy: Melina Henrichs
Account Director Group: Florian Schramm
Account Manager: Gils Scheuren
TV-Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld

Production team:
Producer: Tempomedia/Community Film
Director: Alex Feil