For prophets: LOVED&FOUND: The Future Issue.

The future is everywhere. In fast-paced times, when today is already yesterday’s news, everyone wants to know what will happen next – and so does loved, the thjnk agency group’s design subsidiary. That’s why the ninth issue of its magazine LOVED&FOUND is entirely dedicated to the future.

Its 128 pages not only test how future-proof the present is and explore various visions of the future, but also look at futuristic views from past eras. In reports, articles and interviews on subjects including the Metabolist movement in Japan, The Long Now Foundation and Neil Harbisson, the world’s first cyborg officially recognized by a government, loved’s editorial team approaches the future from myriad perspectives. The magazine is rounded out by the editors’ own ideas of what the future might have in store – from fictional food innovations to utopian gadgets through to fabric-free fashions in the form of wearable states.

For the first time, this issue of LOVED&FOUND is available not only in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Düsseldorf but also in an English-language version in Amsterdam, Zurich, Copenhagen and New York. The complimentary magazine can be picked up at a range of fashion, interior design and concept stores as well as at bookshops, cafés and designer hotels.

In its layout, LOVED&FOUND still forgoes page numbers, opting instead to number the articles in order of appearance. Art Director Ruben Scupin came up with a futuristic universal code for numbering the content specially for this edition.

The next LOVED&FOUND, a special issue on sex and sex education, will be published in cooperation with the organisation Jugend gegen AIDS (Teens against AIDS) on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2015.

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