Hey, people out there, hold your heads up a little higher!

- thjnk agency creates emotional video for RWE.
- homage to diversity in Germany.

A quarter of a century has passed since the wall between East and West Germany came down. Quite a few changes have happened in the intervening years. So thjnk and RWE have decided Germany has every reason to congratulate itself. Since 29 September, a short internet video has been encouraging people to do just that, by presenting the country in a new light. Capturing the mood in Germany and the emotions surrounding the anniversary date, 3 October 2015, it paints an insightful portrait. A 90-second journey in pictures illustrates the very fabric of Germany – surprising, thankful and also with conscious pride.

The video pays homage to the diversity, genius and craziness inherent in the people of Germany. It honours the great minds and smiles at those that are not so great, depicts average punters as well as world champions, touches on sore points and sincerely applauds the doers, inventors and visionaries – culminating in a call to all Germans to treat themselves in a self-assured, optimistic way: “Hey, Germany! Be happy – we have every reason to be.”

“We wanted to do something special for this year’s German Unity Day. We are convinced this is the right way to put into words the mood we sense in Germany right now and give it a face. The RWE brand is consciously relegated to a minor supporting role. I’m delighted we managed to get the video shared and talked about,” says Sabine Schmittwilken, Head of Group Brand Communications at RWE. Even before the video first aired on TV, it got over 55,000 clicks on YouTube. Many heeded the call and shared photos showing what they are proud of.

The video was made with RWE’s regular agency – the Düsseldorf branch of the thjnk agency group. Robin Polák directed. “We Germans are currently facing huge challenges. But since the end of World War II, we have proved more than once that we can master even the toughest of times with flying colours. We can achieve anything. And if there was ever the perfect time to remind people of that, it’s right now!” Kai Röffen, Managing Director of thjnk düsseldorf. Jan Propach, Creative Director at thjnk düsseldorf adds, “There are two aspects of this project that I am especially delighted about: For one, we shared in creating a video with a message that goes far beyond the here and now and the new. For another, we got director Robin Polák on board. Together, we brought the story to life.” thjnk and Robin Polák shot a host of new vignettes and combined them with historical material.

The 60-second version that ran right before ARD TV’s prime-time news on 2 October was followed the next day, German Unity Day, by an 89-second version on the channels ARD, RTL, Pro7, SAT1, Kabel1, N24 and n-tv. RWE invites the people of Germany to join in the conversation and link their own pictures and opinions: What are you proud of? The Instagram hashtag is #woraufwirstolzsind. Follow on Twitter at #rwe25de and #tdde15.

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Responsible on the client side:
Head of Group Brand Communications: Sabine Schmittwilken
Group Communications: Marc Hause

Responsible on the agency side:
Managing Director: Kai Röffen
Creative Director: Jan Propach

Responsible on the client side:
Film production: Czar, Berlin
Director: Robin Polák