loved designs the BFF Magazine – once again in XXL format.

loved – the design agency of the thjnk agency group.

The magazine of BFF, the German Association of Freelance Photographers, is published twice a year.
And now for the fourth time in XXL format (31 x 47 cm). The magazine’s unusual dimensions help to set off the images to striking effect. Its larger-than-life format also means that the 128-page oeuvre cannot simply be shelved or overlooked.

The content and visual design of the current BFF magazine issue bear the signature of Hamburg-based loved gmbh – design agency of the thjnk agency group. The concept headline “Alchemy of the visible” not only adorns the publication, whose fold-out cover was developed in collaboration with BFF photographer Marie Therese Cramer. The four feature articles also shed light on the physical perception of photography and moving images and bookend the 72 motifs by BFF photographers in three chapters.

In an introductory interview, Professor Wolfgang Ullrich of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design describes the “iconic turn” – the new power of images. In the first chapter, readers are given a cinematic overview of the influence of the hormone adrenaline on film titles and content. The second chapter is devoted to the phenomenon of synaesthetes, whose coupling of the senses allows them to taste sounds or translate numbers into colours. Blind artist Neil Harbisson, who harnesses the “eyeborg” technique he himself developed to hear colours and transform them into works of art, is the focus of the third chapter. The BFF magazine is rounded out by a feature of tremendous interest to media professionals, Dr. Wolfgang Maaßen’s “Grey Areas II” dealing with aspects of media legislation.

Responsible on the agency side:
Editor-in-chief: Sabine Cole
Art Directors: Julia-Christin Holtz, Ruben Scupin
Photo Director: Anja Kneller