loved documents and supports Hamburg’s club scene.

loved – the design agency of the thjnk agency group.

Design agency loved GmbH continues its pro bono work for “Clubstiftung Hamburg” (Hamburg club foundation) with an update of the Hamburg Club Lexicon and an auction on 20 November 2014 for the benefit of the foundation.
The proceeds of 8,500 euros for the 21 photos auctioned off go straight to the foundation. The auction was organised by law firm Rose & Partner LLP, which raised the amount to 10,000 euros with a donation of its own.

The foundation dedicated to supporting private music venues in Hamburg, known as the “Clubstiftung”, was set up in autumn 2011 by the city of Hamburg and the association of club operators, event organisers, bookers and agencies known as “Clubkombinat Hamburg”. The Clubstiftung’s stated aim is to lend support to Hamburg’s live music clubs with what can sometimes be quite substantial capital outlay.

In 2011, loved developed the Clubstiftung’s corporate identity and, the following year, created the concept and design for the major Hamburg Club Lexicon project “64 Hamburg photographers spotlight 64 Hamburg clubs”. The masthead reads like a who’s who of Hamburg’s world of photography. With prestigious prizes such as the Red Dot Award and Bronze from the Art Directors Club Germany under its belt, the lexicon succeeded not only in attracting donors but also in drawing attention to the cultural diversity as well as the problems facing Hamburg’s live music clubs.

Two years down the road, much has happened on Hamburg’s club scene. The 16-page Club Lexicon update, once again produced by Clubkombinat and loved, takes a snapshot of five shifts in the city’s club culture and will in future be available together with the Club Lexicon as a supplement.

“It’s fun to see how the Club Lexicon is so well received, especially by the clubs and photographers themselves. Everyone enjoys being involved in it. The next photographers are already waiting in the wings for the next clubs to open up or relocate in Hamburg. It’s also an attractive way of chronicling Hamburg’s club and live music culture,” says a delighted Sabine Cole, editor-in-chief at loved and co-initiator of the Club Lexicon.

Top seller at the auction was a very special piece of of Hamburg history – a photo by Danny Wall of The Beatles’ last concert at Hamburg’s Star Club. It sold for 900 euros.

Responsible on the client side:
Clubkombinat Publisher: Terry Krug

Responsible on the agency side:
Editor-in-chief: Sabine Cole
Editor: Eva Bolhoefer
Art Director: Imke Jurok
Graphic Designer: Christian Pietschmann