loved causes a disturbance for the Hamburg Clubstiftung.

Annual reports are often dry affairs stating the facts and figures. For the Clubstiftung, a nonprofit promoting private music venues in Hamburg, the agency group thjnk’s design subsidiary loved came up with a whole lot more: The 2014 annual report is a uniquely designed folder in white and neon orange that perfectly embodies the Clubstiftung’s slogan, “Causing a disturbance.” Among other features, the report comes folded in a compact A3 format – but when completely unfolded, it creates a huge A0-size poster.

The section headings are quotes from song lyrics, such as the Jimmy Buffet line “If we weren’t all crazy we would go insane,” which introduces the Foreword by the CEO, and the Talking Heads’ lament “Facts don’t do what I want them to” as the lead-in to the Financial Statements. The poster itself sports a quote from the Hamburg band Absolute Beginner, which translates as “A fox has to do what a fox has to do.”

“The loved team took our slogan, ‘Causing a disturbance,’ completely internalised it and ran with it. I’m positive that lots of people will be hanging the report on their wall as a poster,” says Thore Debor, head of Clubkombinat Hamburg.

Hamburg Clubstiftung’s annual report is being sent to all donors and supporters as well as the Hamburg clubs themselves to coincide with the Reeperbahn Festival.

About the Hamburg Clubstiftung:

The foundation to support private music venues in Hamburg – Clubstiftung for short – was initiated in autumn of 2011 by the City of Hamburg and the association of club operators, event organisers, bookers and agencies known as “Clubkombinat Hamburg” with the aim of lending support with what can sometimes be quite substantial capital outlay.

loved has been serving this client since 2011, developing its corporate identity and the Clubstiftung’s slogan. In 2012, loved designed and executed the large-scale Hamburg Club Lexicon project “64 Hamburg photographers portray 64 Hamburg clubs.” The Club Lexicon won illustrious design accolades including the Red Dot award and bronze from ADC Germany.

Responsible on the client side:
Board member Clubstiftung: Karsten Schölermann
Board member Clubstiftung: Terry Krug
Managing Director Clubkombinat Hamburg: Thore Debor
Project Assistant Clubstiftung: Diane Kruse

Responsible on the agency side:
Concept and Art Direction: Juls Kerschbaum
Copy: Catrin Florenz, Alessandra Sardo
Account: Anja Müller, Ilker Yilmazalp