Made with love

“Fun became earnest – and now Earnest is six years old.”
We remembered this light-hearted wordplay when, with Valentine’s Day coming up, we starting thinking about what consequences love can have other than making our hearts beat faster – and one answer, of course, is children! This inspired our idea for our 2014 Valentine’s edition.

Since 13 February, the most youthful LOVED&FOUND ever has been available in numerous concept stores, design hotels, bookstores, shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries in Hamburg and Berlin; as always, it’s “Priceless and free of charge” and has been made with love – just like our boys and girls. It goes without saying that “The Kids Issue” has been published in kids’ size, but we have packed plenty of homemade items into the handy mini-format.

In the end, following detailed consultation with the editorial team’s kids and their friends, 47 things that we love were selected for this issue of LOVED&FOUND, which is perhaps the smallest and mightiest free magazine in the universe. We played with old favourites like cardboard boxes and cotton thread, with ultramodern building blocks and with fashion. We did some reading, practised our DIY, had fun with monsters and Tribbles, and were variously amazed, exhilarated and rapt. Kids, kids – respect!

Photographers including Jan van Endert, Daniel Schröder, Christian Lohfink, Jo van de Loo and Stefan Thurmann helped enrich this edition with their visuals.

The layout concept, which as ever doesn’t have continuous pagination but instead uses an even more logical numbering system, plays with numbers. For this edition, we gave our editors’ kids some homework: to handwrite the numbers for us! No sooner said than done, and so kids’ writing in felt-tip pen runs through the magazine.

This sixth issue of LOVED&FOUND magazine is supplemented by our blog and the LOVED&FOUND Facebook page. A free digital version is also available by clicking through at Issuu or directly via

LOVED&FOUND is published, curated and designed by the employees of the loved agency. If you have any enquiries regarding sample copies, partnership opportunities, ads or fashion, style and design, we’d be very happy to help.