LOVED&FOUND – the fatter-than-fat fashion mag from loved.

loved – the design agency of the thjnk agency group.

It’s here: the seventh issue of LOVED&FOUND. Following the mini-format kids issue, the LOVED&FOUND editorial team has put all its size and weight (200×265 mm and over a pound) behind one of its favourite subjects: fashion! For all fashionistas and naturally all those with a passion for fashion, it’s a must-have item for the 2014/2015 autumn-winter season.

Starting now, the fattest LOVED&FOUND of all time is on display in numerous Hamburg, Berlin and Munich concept stores, designer hotels, bookstores, shops, cafés, restaurants and galleries – as always, “priceless and yours to take with you”.

Breaking the mould for the world of fashion but making a mark for the LOVED&FOUND editorial team, we steer clear of anything seasonal and have an almost blatant disregard for trends. Instead, we explore the fascinating, enigmatic depths of today’s fashion in this issue. In the words of the best-dressed writer of all time: “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.” This statement made by Oscar Wilde’s character Dorian Gray is something we at LOVED&FOUND carry with us deep in our hearts.

Read original interviews with such greats as Nicola Formichetti, Deanna Ferretti, Vladimir Karaleev and Susie Bubble. Explore with LOVED&FOUND the cutting edge of architecture, art and fashion and see how they intertwine. Join us in tracing how the ideals of beauty have evolved and take a front-row seat for the longest fashion potpourri ever (a whopping 64 pages).

Photographers including Sarah Kühl, Christian Hagemann, Tim Laman, Anna Bauer, Kevin McElvaney, Esther Haase and Jackie Nickerson have turned this issue into a feast for the eyes.

As always, the layout concept dispenses with consecutive page numbering and takes a playful approach to typography. The articles are numbered puristically while the design steps out with subtly reserved, positively chanelesque elegance.

Every issue of LOVED&FOUND is devoted to a special theme woven like a unifying thread throughout the magazine.

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The LOVED&FOUND Magazine is published, curated and designed by the staff of loved – the design agency of the thjnk agency group. For specimen copies, cooperation enquiries and questions surrounding fashion, styling and design, don’t hesitate to contact us.