National team member Thomas Müller puts BiFi to the test

Hamburg, April 2014. The BiFi snack test campaign has been running for weeks. Now the TV ad is getting prominent support: football star Thomas Müller is providing another BiFi testimonial for the mini-salami.
“The snack that goes with you anywhere!” is the slogan of the current BiFi campaign. In the new ad, national player Thomas Müller carries out the BiFi snack test: Jackass-style. The hearty mini-salami snack shows just how much it can endure while still tasting great afterwards.

The new Thomas Müller ad is being broadcast in early May. The thjnk agency’s Berlin branch once again handled the creative implementation. The agency is also responsible for the new strategic direction. The aim is to give new relevance to the cult 70s brand. The primary target group is young men, a group where BiFi still sees opportunities for growth. It places a clear emphasis on lots of action and fun, meaning the popular national player fits the snack test concept well thanks to his sense of humour and casual manner.

“It was something completely different. Action-packed and very chilled,” is Thomas Müller’s verdict on the new BiFi snack test ad.

Thomas Müller has shown himself to be a committed player on the pitch and the same was true during filming for the BiFi snack test. He gave it his all and didn’t go easy on himself or the BiFi. The practical on-the-go snack had to withstand numerous tests. Thomas particularly enjoyed crossbar shooting: “We also love to do crossbar shooting in training at Bayern Munich, except there aren’t any BiFis attached the goalposts.” His younger brother Simon Müller was also on set for the BiFi ad, co-starring in an acting role. Both brothers enjoyed spending a fun day together, because they see less of each other than they used to due to Thomas’ many matches and commitments. The action-packed shoot reminded them of their childhood, which was just as wild as the BiFi snack test ad. “We had lots of fun back then. The football duels in our playroom in the cellar were legendary. We didn’t hold back,” says Simon Müller.
The team got to see some beautiful shooting by the three-times champion first-hand as he put BiFi to the test. But with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil looming, the question arises: will he be crowned top goalscorer again like in South Africa four years ago? “That will be very difficult to repeat. But I always try my best!” says Thomas. Simon, by contrast, is a little more hopeful, adding: “Of course it’ll be difficult. But you can always depend on him!”

And how did Thomas Müller enjoy his BiFi after the snack test? “Still the best, absolutely fantastic – BiFi certainly passed the test!” he replies, grinning. 1:0 for BiFi – a clear victory against Germany’s 2013/2014 football champion! BiFi, the snack that goes with you anywhere!

BiFi has been offering amazing taste and quality since 1972. The delicious snack is great in all situations. BiFi, the snack that goes with you anywhere – you have to take BiFi with you!
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