Nous sommes humains.

We made this affirmation of humanity the subject of a LOVED&FOUND special edition.

The social and global political events of the past year and the Paris attacks prompted us to do something to promote our values in our immediate surroundings. So we asked ourselves: what specifically can each of us do to contribute to a society of mutual respect? How can integration and valuing others be fostered?

We produced this special edition in two and a half weeks. In the light of current events, it was published in black and white on newsprint and in a larger print run.

Rather than things we love, in this issue we present “Things we can do”:

• We can invite our neighbours over, because “Strangers are friends we do not know yet”, as the Hamburg businesswoman Hourvash Pourkian puts it as she introduces her project “Switch – in 4 days around the world” (No. 3).
• We can “Laugh about racism” and attend a Hate Poetry Slam. SPIEGEL reporter Hasnain Kazim presents his pick of the worst letters to the editor (No. 11).
• We can “Stop radicals with art” and support the refugees in the EcoFAVELA at Hamburg’s Kampnagel culture centre (No. 13).
• We can support people who “Never stop fighting”, as Susi Kentikian, world champion boxer, explains (No. 21).
• We can “Listen even if it’s hard” – even to Pegida supporters, because you have to understand the issues if you want to affect change (No. 33).
• Notably, there are at least 20 “Things we can all do for refugees” (Nos. 37–80).

Nous sommes humains.