Audi: Audi Magazin

Audi Magazine – that may at first sound like German engineers, assembly robots and lots of talking shop. Yet the publication steps out with much, much more. For six years now, loved has been bringing the Audi slogan to life with four quarterly issues in both print and digital format. Offbeat product features, technology explained in easy-to-grasp terms, motor sport coverage that pumps adrenaline, travelogues from all over the globe, artist portraits, essays and interviews with – wait for it – an intellectual feel. 
A total of 76 countries take their pick from the print, moving-image, digitised and audio-visual content produced by loved. In return, the magazine is regularly showered with industry awards and distinctions. Our latest triumph: two special awards at the 2014 FOX Awards International – “MASTER OF EFFICIENCY for integrated concept with at least two channels” (print version) and “FOX VISUALS MASTER for integrated concept with at least two channels” (app)