Audi: Speed Wheels

The task:

There are plans to up the creative stakes for Audi Magazine and pertaining Audi Magazine app: more uncompromising in terms of visuals and copy with Audi-related as well as other relevant content. A team made up of director, creative director – who also doubles as a photographer – and editor-in-chief sets out to tell a story of car driving with a difference: for print and digital, with photos and film.

The solution:

Skateboarding as we know it today originated in Venice, Los Angeles. The legendary documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys by Stacy Peralta portrays the rise and fortunes of the Californian Skate team Z-Boys in the early 70s. Using the original settings, Audi Magazine produces an homage to the Z-Boys and adrenaline on speed wheels. The Audi RS5 is the perfect vehicle to transport the story.
The team visits Skip Engblom, owner and sponsor of the Z-Boys. He explains the fascination of skating. Former Z-Boy and world-class skater Jesse Martinez takes the crew into the Hollywood Hills on a downhill adrenaline rush. Audi RS5 versus longboard. The entire film is shot in Super-8 in order to recapture the 70s aesthetic and vibe. The film Speed Wheels is dedicated to skater Jay Adams who died shortly after the film was completed.