Audi: Vorsprung durch Technik

The task:

At the heart of the 2008 relaunch, which involved the iPad app, was the new magazine structure with the three elements ‘drive’, ‘move’ and ‘inspire’, which represent the three brand values ‘progressive’, ‘sporty’ and ‘premium’. A way subsequently had to be found to translate the magazine content into a digital medium and also interpret the ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ essence of Audi there.


Instead of producing a further medium, print, online and iPad were interlinked into a kind of newsroom using a common editorial system and a standard workflow. The Audi magazine iPad app was thus given access to the best and most relevant Audi content and it’s not by chance that it is the automobile manufacturer’s most successful app with the most downloads. Our sister agency, loved, is acting as the world’s leading agency for 69 countries and is responsible for overseeing circulation of around nine million copies.

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„We are reinventing the Audi magazine with each new issue, and with our iPad app we are developing an interactive magazine out of it”

Lothar Korn, Head of Marketing Communication at AUDI AG