Commerzbank: The first step

The task:

Like all banks, Commerzbank finds itself in a deep-seated crisis of confidence. No one trusts banks any more. So the first crucial step in communications is to once again be perceived as fair, conscientious and responsible. Commerzbank has to win back that close, personal relationship with its customers.

The solution:

We came up with a campaign that uses unusually honest and open language for a bank. A campaign that lets a bank put itself at its customers’ side. A campaign that demonstrates a self-critical yet ambitious mindset. In the commercial “First step” as part of a broad-based TV and print campaign, a woman is jogging through the city at dawn, thinking about the world of finance. With each step she takes, she develops an ever more concrete vision of the bank Germany needs in these times – Commerzbank. At the end, we find out that our protagonist not only knows how the “bank at your side” should act, but is in a decisive position to help bring about that vision – as a young Commerzbank branch manager.

This is bank advertising that feels different, looks different and for that reason also has a different impact. In this case, different means better.


“It was simply time for banks to open up to their customers and to scrutinise how they portray themselves in public. That’s the only way to regain lost trust, which is the central goal of this campaign.”

Uwe Hellmann, Head of Brand Management at Commerzbank