DER SPIEGEL: Not afraid of the truth

The task:

DER SPIEGEL faces huge challenges. Like all media brands, it must come to grips with the digital revolution while retaining what readers expect of it: spearheading freedom of the press in Germany. After 40 years, the legendary tagline “SPIEGEL-Leser wissen mehr” (“SPIEGEL readers know more”) is to be replaced. Because, now more than ever, it is not only knowledge but attitude that counts.

The solution:

The first true umbrella brand campaign that brings DER SPIEGEL as well as SPIEGEL ONLINE, SPIEGEL-TV along with the brand’s many other components under one credo. A new slogan – with an aspiration that has been true of DER SPIEGEL since it was founded in 1947: “Keine Angst vor der Wahrheit” (“Not afraid of the truth”). A clear positioning that harks back to the famous quote by SPIEGEL founder Rudolf Augstein, “Sagen, was ist” (“Tell it like it is”) – and hence to the journalistic core of the brand. The broad-based campaign, in print and online, shows journalists, interviewees and like-minded individuals with surprising quotes that underscore the slogan. The TV commercials link image and magazine advertising weekly.