dothiv: the Red Ribbon of the digital age

The task:

The subject of HIV/Aids is a global and complex one with many different layers: while the problem in Germany is less about having access to the right medication and more about the ostracism caused by the stigma, diagnosis in other countries is still a death sentence. This is primarily due to lack of money.


The .hiv idea uses the power of the Internet to solve the problem: it all starts with the global sale of .hiv domains to companies and individuals. A large proportion of the money goes into a donation box which is activated by the Internet users when they visit the .hiv websites. The .hiv suffix thus generates financial funds, raises awareness once again throughout the world and simultaneously reduces the stigma due to the fact that it is extremely visible.






„I love this idea. It is precisely the kind of creativity that we need.“

Dr Brian Brinks, Board Member Global Fund