The task:

The task was to send a piece of advertising history to the next round and stage the transition from Thomas Gottschalk to Michael Bully Herbig.

The solution:

Thomas Gottschalk passes the baton – in the shape of a bag of HARIBO Goldbears – to an initially reluctant Bully. The latter takes a little time to consider, and then expresses his delight by breaking into an exuberant dance number. The tongue-in-cheek staging of the handover has been especially well received by fans, who found the farewell worthy of Thomas Gottschalk. They are also excited about the commercials to come.


“It’s been an incredibly exciting and demanding challenge inheriting the longest-running testimonial, especially knowing that the target groups have very high expectations of HARIBO communications.”

Francisca Maass, Group Creative Director, thjnk Hamburg