IKEA: Seduction

The task:

As part of the year’s campaign roadmap, the challenge was to create a TV commercial that added currency to the overarching theme of “Tidiness in the bedroom”. The longstanding bestseller PAX and its new KOMPLEMENT product series – the neatness solutions designed for inside the wardrobe – were to take centre stage. During the development phase, the focus had to remain firmly on the ambitious sales target: an increase of 25% for PAX and KOMPLEMENT.

The solution:

The wealth of online responses reflected exactly what we were aiming for: “I want that!” was the unanimous tenor in the posts. Across the board, media reactions were also positive. Not only was it “Viral of the week” on INTERNET WORLD Business, among the “Tops of the week” at HORIZONT and the recipient of 8,000 likes, 1,000 shares and over 350,000 clicks, but industry and general news media also reported widely on the commercial. And, to our delight, the commercial was discussed in an extensive article on the erotic website Orion – the perfect environment for this storage object of desire.