Mobilat: Oliver Kahn as a man who understands women

The task:

The Mobilat brand is a classic, but in recent years it has no longer been actively marketed. Mobilat may be well known among the older generation, but younger people cannot relate to the brand at all. Stada asked us to develop a TV ad that would appeal to everyone across the board and give the brand a young and likeable image.


With the support of Oliver Kahn, who Stada was able to attract as a brand ambassador, a humorous TV ad was produced that was rather atypical of the pharmaceutical industry. A classic misconception served as the basis for the striking idea: Oliver Kahn as a man who understands women.


„We want to make TV adverts that not only inform, but also entertain and therefore went for a completely new approach and chose an agency that doesn’t usually do pharmaceutical advertising.“

Adil Kachout, Managing Director and Head of Marketing at Stada GmbH