The first stage of a major campaign for Commerzbank.

The task:

Just like any other bank, Commerzbank is suffering from a severe breakdown in trust. No one believes them any more. A key factor when it comes to communication is to make people once again see the institution as fair, conscientious and responsible. Commerzbank has to rebuild bridges with its customers.


We developed a campaign with an unusually open and honest tone for a bank. A campaign that sees a bank positioning itself on the side of its customers. A campaign that adopts a self-critical yet ambitious standpoint. In the “First step” TVC, part of a wide-ranging TV and print campaign, we see a woman who, on her early-morning jog through the city, starts thinking about the world of finance. With every step she takes, her concrete vision of the kind of bank Germany needs in times like these – Commerzbank – takes shape.  At the end, we discover that our young protagonist not only knows how “the bank that’s on your side” should act, but that she occupies a key position as Branch Manager and will thus help bring this vision to life.

This is bank advertising that looks and feels different, and therefore has a different effect. And by “different”, we mean “better”. 


“It was simply time for banks to open up to customers and question their own public image. This is the only way to win back trust that’s been lost – and this is the primary aim of our campaign.”

Uwe Hellmann, Head of Brand Management at Commerzbank