thjnk and Audi define the “quattro state of mind”.

Right on time for the last quarter, Audi unveils the next phase of its worldwide “Land of quattro” campaign successfully launched three years ago. In the first year, the campaign focused on the characteristic traits of particular countries in the shape of passionate homages. The following year, the spotlight turned to all manner of rugged environments ideally suited to quattro. Now, the campaign’s new core message is:

quattro not only perfectly masters all types of conditions, but also offers drivers a whole lot of fun behind the wheel.

Michael Finke, Head of Creation & Sales Media at Audi AG: “quattro stands not only for superior all-wheel technology but above all for a fascinating driving experience.”

Heiko Freyland, Executive Creative Director at thjnk Hamburg, adds: “The unique quattro feel is reflected in a very special mindset among drivers. They see the world differently.”

The campaign developed by the Hamburg branch of the thjnk agency group will be launched in the UK as well as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. Besides double-page spreads, various print motifs for selected ski resorts, a wide range of banner formats, pre-roll ads and a quattro microsite, it also features a 45-second TV commercial that defines the new “quattro state of mind” – namely that every challenge holds the promise of an incomparable and unforgettable driving experience.

The film shows ten quattro models in different driving situations which the permanent all-wheel drive turns into unparalleled experiences. A second emotional level in the shape of several scenes where there is no vehicle to be seen imaginatively underscores the typical quattro feelings that are generated while driving.

The TV commercial was filmed with the production company Markenfilm and Jan Wentz, who also directed the last quattro film and once again does the German voice-over. The music was penned by Kanye West and Jay Z. In Germany, the integrated campaign premieres on 12 December.

The commercial

Responsible on the client side:

Head of Marketing Communications: Giovanni Perosino
Head of Creation & Sales Media: Michael Finke
Head of Advertising & Digital Communications: Dr. Felicitas Nogly
Project Director: Silke Guse

Responsible on the agency side:

Executive Creative Directors: Heiko Freyland, Gerrit Zinke
Creative Director Art: Tilman Gossner
Creative Art Senior: Roman Geoffrey Lukowsky
Creative Art: Dörthe Szech
Creative Director Copy: Tobias Ahrens
Creative Copy Senior: Fabian Königer
Creative Copy: Michel Foertsch
Creative Copy Junior: Eike Eberhardt
Creative Copy Internship: Melina Henrichs
Account Director: Niklas Kruchten
Account Manager Senior: Moritz Pfingsten
Account Manager Junior: Karolin Kegeler
Agency Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld

Responsible on the production side:

Film production: Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
Director: Jan Wentz
Camera: Stuart Graham
Post-production: INFECTED Postproduction GmbH
Music: Kanye West and Jay Z, “No Church In The Wild”