thjnk and Audi forge ahead into new dimensions with the Audi R8 LMX.

The new Audi R8 LMX turns heads not only with its extreme performance (570 hp V10 mid engine, from zero to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, top speed of 320 km/h), but above all through “Vorsprung durch Technik”: Its headlamps feature a pioneering innovation called laserlight technology.

How does it work? Light from several high-performance laser diodes is clustered and converted into traffic-grade white light that is not only brighter and more precise but also shines twice as far as a conventional LED high beam.

In addition to creating several print motifs, the thjnk agency group’s Hamburg branch joined forces with tempomedia and the post-production company unexpected to produce a film just under 60 seconds in length that was almost entirely computer-generated. The film has been running on several Audi-owned media channels since 22 October. Here’s the story: While carrying out routine work on their space station, two astronauts are surprised by an unknown source of light. Not even NASA in Houston can explain where it’s coming from.

Michael Finke, Head of Creation & Sales Media at AUDI AG: “With the new laserlight, Audi proves once again what the brand stands for – giving drivers a relevant edge through Vorsprung durch Technik. In this case, significantly enhanced visibility and safety.”

Gerrit Zinke, Executive Creative Director at thjnk Hamburg, adds: “Such a groundbreaking new technology is the best template a creative agency could wish for. In the truest sense of the word, we reached for the stars.”

The commercial

Responsible on the client side:
Head of Marketing Communications: Giovanni Perosino
Head of Creation & Sales Media: Michael Finke
Head of Advertising & Digital Communications: Dr. Felicitas Nogly
Project Director: Rita Scholz

Responsible on the agency side:
Executive Creative Directors: Heiko Freyland, Gerrit Zinke
Creative Director Art: Tilman Gossner
Creative Art: David Scherer
Creative Copy Senior: Fabian Königer
Creative Copy: Michel Foertsch
Creative Copy Junior: Eike Eberhardt
Account Director: Niklas Kruchten
Agency Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld
Agency Producer Junior: Ralph Teichmann

Responsible on the production side:
Film production: tempomedia filmproduktion gmbh
Director: Alex & Steffen
Post-production: unexpected GmbH
Recording studio: nhb ton GmbH
Music: Sizzer Amsterdam