thjnk and DER SPIEGEL launch brand campaign “Not afraid of the truth”.

Germany’s leading news magazine and the thjnk agency group are launching an umbrella brand and image campaign timed to coincide with the magazine’s rescheduled publication day moved from Monday to Saturday. The aim is to reflect the aspiration, mindset and quality of the overall DER SPIEGEL brand, which publishes through a variety of different channels.

DER SPIEGEL is politically and economically independent, answers to no one other than itself and its readership and has no affiliations with any party or economic groups. Its new slogan “Keine Angst vor der Wahrheit” (Not afraid of the truth) encapsulates this philosophy.

“What is unique about DER SPIEGEL journalism is its incorruptible view of the world. That’s why we strongly encouraged DER SPIEGEL to embrace this communications campaign,” said Armin Jochum, Chief Creative Officer of the thjnk agency group. Anja zum Hingst, Head of Communications and Advertising at DER SPIEGEL publishers: “We want to show the enormous effort this company puts into making DER SPIEGEL journalism possible. So the new campaign is a kind of DER SPIEGEL internal memo brought to life – closely reflecting DER SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL ONLINE topics with ever new, up-to-the-minute motifs.”

The cross-media campaign will be launched throughout Germany on 8 January 2015. In the first few weeks, print and out-of-home will focus exclusively on image motifs. Besides online activities, the campaign also encompasses radio and TV commercials created weekly in collaboration between the thjnk agency group, the DER SPIEGEL publishers’ communications and advertising department and the DER SPIEGEL editorial teams.

Responsible on the client side:
Head of Communications and Advertising: Anja zum Hingst
Deputy Head of Communications and Advertising: Sabine Krecker

Responsible on the agency side:
Creative Director Copy: Georg Baur, Torben Otten
Creative Copy: Karl Wolfgang Epple
Creative Art Senior: Niko Auf dem Berge
Creative Art Junior: Sebastian Körner
Creative Director Digital: Grit Hornich
Strategist Senior: Alexander Kovrigin
Strategist: Maximilian Weigl
Account Director Group: Marny Bachmann
Account Director: Thomas Canzar
Account Manager Senior: Tristan Wiggert