thjnk Berlin celebrates return of Jack Link’s, now with international account.

US meat snacks giant Jack Link’s is consolidating its European marketing communications for the BiFi and Peperami brands at the Berlin branch of thjnk agency group.

The new account comprises end-to-end service support for the two brands in the DACH, UK/I and Benelux markets. thjnk Berlin takes over the new international client effective immediately.

The Berlin branch already handled BiFi from 2012 to 2014 – but at the time still under Unilever and exclusively for the German market. Those years included such popular campaigns as the “BiFi snack test” featuring football star Thomas Müller’s testimonial.

The Berlin team’s experience with the brand, shared creative understanding and exceptional retail expertise were the key to the door of Jack Link’s headquarters in Amsterdam, where Niko Stachos, Marketing Director EMEA, Jack Link’s, BiFi, Peperami, will head cross-border marketing for the BiFi and Peperami product portfolio.

“thjnk is very strong strategically as well as when it comes to making that big idea happen within the overall marketing mix,” Stachos says.

“BiFi and Peperami have total cult status in Germany and the UK. Add to that a target group that’s always on the go – at the supermarket, at the petrol station, at dart tournaments, on the Internet. All that inevitably yields great opportunities for offbeat communications ideas,” adds Sebastian Hardieck, Managing Director Creation, thjnk Berlin.

Responsible at thjnk: Stefan Schulte, Sebastian Hardieck, Siya Jung, Matthias Kaptain (Creation); Hendrik Heine, Christian Ficke (Account); Laura Combüchen (Strategy).

Responsible at Jack Link’s: Niko Stachos (Marketing Direktor EMEA), Antonie Glaser (Senior Brand Manager EMEA BiFi), Pavan Chandra (Senior Brand Manager EMEA Peperami).