thjnk gives fresh impetus with print campaign for the new Audi TT Roadster.

You dare or you don’t.” – This is the core idea behind communications for the Audi TT Coupé. The Hamburg branch of the thjnk agency group is now building on this campaign for the new Audi TT Roadster and TTS Roadster.

The twelve motifs (four print and eight catalogue motifs in German and English) capture the character of the vehicles by extending the look of the existing TT campaign:

The familiar world remains unchanged but the Roadster has already left the landing ramp behind and drives off dynamically into the sunrise. The headlines emphasise the performance and technical highlights of both models and whet appetites for driving with the roof down.

“The look takes its cue not only from the fusion of realistic and futuristic elements but also from its flexibility, working equally well for the Coupé and Roadster models,” said Roman Geoffrey Lukowski, responsible Creative Senior Art at thjnk Hamburg.

Olaf Hauschulz was the photographer, post-production was done by The Scope. Hamburg-based agency Philipp und Keuntje is taking care of the catalogue execution.

The first print motifs appeared in high-circulation publications in late March.

Responsible on the client side:
Head of Marketing Communications: Giovanni Perosino
Head of Creation & Sales Media: Michael Finke
Head of Advertising & Digital Communications: Dr. Felicitas Nogly

Responsible on the agency side:
Executive Creative Director Art: Gerrit Zinke
Creative Director Art: Tilman Gossner
Creative Art Senior: Roman Geoffrey Lukowski
Creative Art Junior: Dörthe Szech
Executive Creative Director Copy: Heiko Freyland
Creative Copy Senior: Michel Foertsch, Fabian Königer
Creative Copy Junior: Eike Eberhardt, Melina Henrichs
Account Manager: Maximilian Tauschke
Account Manager Junior: Louise Hobe