thjnk Hamburg and INITIALWERK tour Germany with IKEA.

Virtually three out of four Germans live in cities, which means noisy urban hustle and bustle is part of most people’s daily lives. So it’s no wonder that many people yearn for at least a touch of nature in their surroundings. That’s a desire IKEA Germany, the Hamburg branch of the thjnk agency group and INITIALWERK GmbH Düsseldorf are happy to fulfil. Under the banner “It’s perfectly natural”, this team is starting a green movement – literally – by sending two completely greened-out double-decker buses on a tour of Germany’s cities and streets from 17 May to 7 June 2016.

During the 22-day trip, IKEA’s Swedish bistros visit a total of 24 cities – from Rostock to Munich, from Berlin to Düsseldorf. The buses are fitted out with a visitors’ and a show kitchen, fresh, healthy snacks and plenty of simple yet inspiring ideas for greener living. The idea and concept were developed by thjnk Hamburg. IKEA’s close collaborator on restyling the buses was INITIALWERK GmbH, who also took care of all aspects of planning and supervising the tour.

Additional highlights of the IKEA Germany tour include live cooking events, along with DIY workshops instructing visitors on how to turn a balcony into a fully-fledged garden. Co-hosts will be joining IKEA for the live cooking shows at two of the stops: Food bloggers Jule and Susi of Kochmädchen come aboard in Berlin, while in Hamburg Bianca Matthée of Elbcuisine and Ann-Christin Jeske of Hafenmädchen will help run the show. All four food bloggers will be sharing their recipes with visitors and whipping up samples, too.

“I think it’s wonderful that a brand like IKEA doesn’t just ask people to come to them, but reaches out to meet people and show them simple tricks for a greener lifestyle,” Bettina Olf, Partner and Executive Creative Director of thjnk Hamburg, says.

A Facebook event page ( serves as a go-to source of information for the entire promotion tour. This and a wide range of other social media activities, both nationwide and locally-managed, are handled by the agency razorfish. GGH MullenLowe created the tour teaser on the landing page and flanking online measures such as the IKEA FAMILY newsletter. The landing page provides information including the complete tour schedule: Lukas Korschan of Superiest will collaborate with thjnk and razorfish to document the tour.

Responsible on the client side:
Head of Marketing: Heiko Klauer
Head of Advertising: Tobias Vogler
Project Manager: Stefanie Albert

Responsible on the agency side:
thjnk Hamburg GmbH
Executive Creative Director: Bettina Olf
Creative Art: Sebastian Körner
Creative Copy Senior: Susanne Härtwig
Account Director Group: Verena Diefenbach
Account Manager Senior: Kathrin Stelke

Managing Director/Consultation: Lars Hoffmeister
Project Manager: Eva Neumann

Other agencies on the project:
Social media: razorfish
Online: GGH Mullen-Lowe
Photographer: Lukas Korschan, Superiest