thjnk Hamburg stages rain dances for Audi quattro.

Since the dawn of time, people have been using rituals, dances and technology to try to change or predict the weather. As it turns out, we didn’t have to. Because with quattro all-wheel drive, we can approach any and all conditions with confidence.

The new Audi quattro Rainmaker commercial testifies to this with fascinating images. Developed by the thjnk agency group’s Hamburg office, it was made with the French production company The Gang. A 30-second and a 45-second version are airing in 16 countries. Austria saw the debut, followed in early November by Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.

“In past years, quattro communications have been very successful. So extending the campaign posed a major challenge. With the Rainmaker idea, we achieved a rendering that brought the rather technical topic of all-wheel drive to a very human level,” says Fabian Königer, Creative Director Copy at thjnk Hamburg.

Michael Finke, Head of Creation and Sales Media at Audi: “The concept of the Rainmaker campaign perfectly captures the core of the quattro brand and can be transported onto our international markets beautifully.”

Dr. Felicitas Nogly, Head of Advertising at Audi: “With the Rainmaker campaign, we are systematically building on the quattro brand communications and, by opting for a cinematic execution, not only underscoring the slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ but also demonstrating our communicative edge in this segment.”

The video was made by Variable, a New York-based creative collective, under the leadership of directors Salomon Ligthelm and Jonathan Bregel and cinematographer Niklas Johanson. Alongside the video, the campaign also comprises digital measures as well as print advertisements, with motifs photographed by Holger Wild. What’s more, Audi Magazine features an extensive making-of picture spread about the video.

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Responsible on the client side:
Head of Marketing Communications: Giovanni Perosino
Head of Creation & Sales Media: Michael Finke
Head of Advertsing: Dr. Felicitas Nogly
Project Director: Andrea Killinger

Responsible on the agency side:
Executive Creative Director: Heiko Freyland, Michael Ohanian, Gerrit Zinke
Design Director: Roman Lukowski
Creative Director Digital: Grit Hornich
Creative Senior Digital: Florian Schaar
Creative Junior Digital: Pasquale Pretzsch
Creative Director Art: Andreas Wagner
Creative Art Senior: Alexander Grapp
Creative Art: Sabrina Mairinger
Creative Art Junior: Nadine Bauer
Creative Director Copy: Michel Foertsch, Fabian Königer
Creative Copy Senior: Justin Salice-Stephan
Creative Copy: Eike Eberhardt
Strategist Senior: Alexander Kovrigin
Managing Director Account: Anke Peters
Account Director: Anna Lee Sønnichsen
Account Manager Junior: Karolin Kegeler
Project Director Digital: Frederike Wasserkampf
Project Manager Junior Digital: Volkan Dege, Lena Hopfmann
Agentur Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld, Georg von Lobenstein
Film Supervisor: Sean Kirby

Responsible on the production side:
Film production: The Gang
Director: Variable
Camera: Niklas Johanson
Post production: Digital District
Music: 1) Beats Antique "Nau-Ashta"
2) Run The Jewels "Blockbuster Night Part 1“