thjnk launches a wake-up call for IKEA.

Hamburg, August 2014. The new TV commercial draws attention to the bedroom and bathroom.

September marks the start of autumn and time for the new, long-awaited IKEA catalogue.

As ever, the catalogue is brimming with new home living ideas and furniture solutions. Its motto “Where every day begins. True to its motto “Where the everyday begins and ends”, it boasts a wealth of ideas for bedrooms and bathrooms this year.

To make sure these frequently neglected spaces at last get the attention they deserve, the thjnk agency group’s Hamburg branch came up with a soulful TV commercial. The 45-second commercial not only announces the new catalogue but is primarily a wake-up call to everyone to take more care of their bedrooms and bathrooms. Evocative images portray the moments we experience in these spaces and the commercial’s tone of voice and visual language create a highly emotional, vibrant feel. With the question “Hey, do you really know me?”, bedrooms and bathrooms address their home owners personally and describe their function and importance in a poetic duet.

“Waking up relaxed and rested in a beautiful bedroom and starting the day the easy way in a perfectly organised bathroom can be a positive influence on every day of your life,” is how Bettina Olf, Executive Creative Director, sums up the message of the TV commercial.

Alongside Tempomedia, CFS Krug is also responsible for production. thjnk was pleased to engage Jaci Judelson as director. The commercial can be seen on all TV channels with wide coverage from 25 August 2014 and is flanked by a large-scale billboard flight as well as an emotional radio concept.

Once again this year, Grimm Gallun Holtappels will be in charge of expanding the idea online, while Razorfish will be taking care of the social media channels and Grabarz & Partner of the IKEA FAMILY.

To watch the TV commercial in full, click here:


Verantwortlich auf Kundenseite:

Responsible on the client side:

Country Marketing Manager: Heiko Klauer

External Communication Manager: Nina Kirschke

Project Manager: Julia Dvorak


Verantwortlich auf Agenturseite:

Responsible on the agency side:

Executive Creative Director: Bettina Olf

Creative Art Senior: Nicolas Schmidt-Fitzner

Creative Copy Senior: Jan-Hendrik Scholz

Creative Copy: Clemens Kandziora

Account Director: Constanze Frink

Account Manager: Meike Freymuth

Strategist Senior: Alexander Kovrigin


Verantwortlich auf Produktionsseite:

Responsible on the production side:

Film production: CFS Krug, Tempomedia

Director: Jaci Judelson

Camera: Victor Seguin

Producer: Olrik Kleiner, Jana Schneider

Music: Christoph Maria Kaiser, Julian Maas