thjnk builds excitement around live episode of a German soap.

For the past thirty years, the soap Lindenstrasse has been a firm feature of the Sunday programming on German TV channel Das Erste. To celebrate this anniversary, a special highlight and a first in the series’ history is planned – broadcasting a live performance of the 1,559th episode on 6 December 2015 instead of pre-recording the show. In order to create a buzz around this special broadcast, the Hamburg branch of the thjnk agency group developed a 30-second TV and cinema trailer for the show.

Hand in hand with the Lindenstrasse production team and the agency, Virusfilms’ director Alex Steinhof used the original sets to shoot the dramatic trailer, which homes in on the episode’s central themes of love and death. Three familiar couples play a pivotal role in the events of the live episode. And old favourites, Mother Beimer and Erich Schiller, naturally also make an appearance.

Head of marketing at Das Erste, Dietmar Pretzsch, explains, “We wanted a truly gripping trailer that not only defies expectations of the show but, of course, also gets people excited about the live broadcast. We achieved that and more.”

Hana Geissendörfer, who produces the soap, adds, “The live broadcast is a huge challenge for us – but one that the whole team and I are looking forward to.”

Since Hana Geissendörfer stepped into her father’s shoes producing the series, the show’s corporate design and logo have also been revamped. In addition to the trailer, which has been airing in cinemas, on TV and the Internet since 26 November 2015, the campaign includes flanking print ads.

To the commercial

Responsible on the client side:
Head of Marketing: Dietmar Pretzsch
Project Manager: Franziska Ofer
Production GFF Hana Geißendörfer

Responsible on the agency side:
Creative Director Art: Leif Johannsen
Creative Art Senior: Rilana von Werne
Creative Art Junior: Cosima Köster
Creative Director Copy: Patrick Matthiensen
Creative Copy Senior: Jakob Rabold
Creative Copy Junior: Julius Schneider
Account Director: Hannah Hofmann
Account Manager: Anna Diehl, Theresa Dobenecker
Account Manager Junior: Felicitas Tennstaedt
Agentur Producer: Fabian Böttner

Responsible on the production side:
Film production: Markenfilm Crossing GmbH
Director: Alexander Steinhoff
Camera: Fabian Hothan
Post production: VIRUS
Music: Triplet Studio
Mix: Studio Funk
Production GFF: Holger Kunze