thjnk münchen launches campaign for hohes C Milde Säfte.

The Munich branch of the thjnk agency group is expanding its work with client Eckes-Granini. In addition to the granini “Die Limo” account, the team will now also be responsible for a campaign for the mild fruit juices (Milde Säfte) from the premium juice brand hohes C.

thjnk münchen penned both the new slogan “Mild tut gut” (“Mild does you good”) and the campaign tagline “Wer mild trinkt, kann nicht sauer sein” (“If you drink mild, you can’t be a sourpuss”). The 360° campaign flanking them kicks off with several TV commercials and print advertisements that spotlight the enjoyment factor of the low-acidity juice range – with surprising twists in the hectic pace of a family’s life.

“Contemporary families with all the challenges they face on a daily basis are the focus of our campaign. In communications for hohes C mild juice, we are taking up the zeitgeist and positioning the brand within the life of a modern, active family. Because that’s what hohes C aims to support,” says Alexandra Kerler, Marketing Manager at Eckes-Granini Germany.

Francisca Maass, Managing Director of thjnk münchen: “The goal was to modernise the brand, carefully and thoughtfully, and give it a more active role in family life – and that’s exactly what we have achieved with the humorous commercials.”

Transposed onto film, what that means is a girl and a boy demonstrating their ingenuity, which does not always result in gushing enthusiasm on the part of their parents. But luckily, mild does you good and in the end no one is a sourpuss. The parents stay cool and can turn a blind eye to little transgressions.

The campaign launched on 13 May 2015 – with the TV commercials. They were produced by Soup Films. Marco Kreuzpaintner directed. Post-production was handled by nhb.

The commercial “Tapestry“

The commercial “Yard Sale”

Responsible on the client side:

Head of Marketing: Stefan Müller

Marketing Manager: Alexandra Kerler

Brand Manager: Stefanie Kessler

Responsible on the agency side:

Creative Art Senior: Raphael Schils

Creative Art: Matthijs Mejan

Creative Copy Senior: Niklas Schachtebeck

Creative Copy: Nicholas Davis

Account Director: Alexander Berg

Agency Producer: Swenja Krosien

Responsible on the production side:

Film production: Soup Films

Direction: Marco Kreuzpaintner

Camera: Ueli Steiger

Post production: nhb

Sound studio: nhb