thjnk Munich and Die Limo put Joko and Klaas through the wringer.

A spokesman’s job can sometimes be gruelling indeed. That is a lesson Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, the German TV stars who have been official brand ambassadors for Die Limo from granini since 2015, learn the hard way during the new TV campaign for the soft drink. Rather than the hoped-for pay raise, the pair instead get new jobs to do: selling Die Limo from vending machines and then, in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz, from a vending tray. Even their last, desperate attempt to worm out of the task fails. This new campaign finds Joko and Klaas as ironic as ever while the Munich location of the thjnk agency group and Die Limo from granini build on the previous campaigns’ humour, creating an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek advertising gem.

That’s because communication of and for brands today must go far beyond presenting products in their best possible light. Advertising must entertain, amuse, provoke thought – or even disconcert us and poke fun at what we expect advertising to be. The motto is: “From commercial to entertainment”. thjnk Munich and Die Limo from granini demonstrate this form’s potential in Germany by again creating a story that treads the fine line between reality and fiction and anchors self-mockery firmly in advertising. The campaign comprises four TV commercials directed by Grimme Award winner Edward Berger and produced by SOUP.

Joko says of the campaign: “I am generally a very thirsty person. That has really improved since I’ve been doing the advertisements for Die Limo!” Klaas adds, “I am very pleased that I will have to continue advertising Die Limo. I like the drink a lot and am also thrilled with the great paycheck.”

The 60-second kick-off commercial first airs on 15 May during prime time, with three follow-up commercials slated for late May/early June and late June/mid-August. These will also be flanked by activities on the social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as by traditional moving images in the form of pre-roll ads.
“They say working with spokesmen isn’t always simple. That’s true, it’s simply fantastic – with Joko and Klaas. Even more fantastic is the courage Die Limo demonstrates time and again, courage that enables us to produce these truly unexpected campaigns,” Francisca Maass, Managing Director of thjnk Munich, says.

Svenja Lonicer, Marketing Manager at Die Limo from granini: “With our new campaign, we’re taking the story from last year’s campaign to a new level and even going one better – with four delightfully entertaining, attention-grabbing commercials accompanied by a wealth of funny digital ideas.”

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Responsible on the client side:
Head of Brand Communications: Stefan Müller
Marketing Manager: Svenja Lonicer

Responsible on the agency side:
Managing Director: Francisca Maass
Creative Director thjnk film: Florian Weber
Creative Copy Senior: Moritz Franke, Niklas Schachtebeck
Junior Account Manager: Victoria Linz
Agency Producer: Swenja Krosien

Responsible on the production side:
Film production: SOUP
Director: Edward Berger
Post production: LIGA01
Music: BLUT