thjnk unveils new TV ad for the HARIBO brand MAOAM

A Wild West vibe comes to the school playground – the story of how a cowboy wins a duel.

High noon on the playground. As the kids play, a few boys are running around with drinks bottles and squirting people with water. But then, their leader runs into our hero. He and his friends then quietly face off the other boys – showdown!

Thanks to MAOAM, our hero remains ice cool and resolves the quarrel in a surprisingly ingenious way …

“With the look and tongue-in-cheek humour of the new ad, the agency has further developed the image of the MAOAM brand with great success,” Felix Theato, Marketing and Sales Director at HARIBO.

The ad was the work of thjnk’s Hamburg office and the story of the charming young cowboy was brought to life by director Dennis Gansel.

Team at HARIBO:
Head of Advertising and Sales: Felix Theato

Team at thjnk:
Creative Director Group: Francisca Maass
Creative Art: Raphael Schils
Creative Copy: Matti Lietsch, Niklas Schachtebeck
Account Manager: Claudia Dührkop
Creative-Producer: Florian Weber
Producer: Swenja Krosien

Production team:
Producer: Tempomedia
Director: Dennis Gansel
Post production: nhb Hamburg