thjnk sends Bully and the Goldbears to cloud nine.

A spring-like day, a gorgeous young woman and the perfect opportunity to bring all his charm to bear: Bully is just about to win over the lovely young stranger – if only it weren’t for the Goldbears …

The third TV commercial in the new HARIBO campaign with Michael Bully Herbig goes on air and plays on the “romantic comedy” cliché. There she is, his dream girl, laden with all her grocery bags. And all that separates her from Bully is a red pedestrian stoplight. When it changes to green, the race is on. The goal is in sight. Bully jumps over hurdles, gives it everything he’s got, and he’s even ready with a question designed to break the ice. But then …

The thjnk agency group’s Hamburg branch developed the TV commercial, which was produced in South Africa by Soup Film. The director was Marco Kreuzpaintner and Ueli Steiger was behind the camera. Post-production was handled by nhb.

To the commercial

Responsible on the client side:
Marketing and Sales Director: Felix Theato
Head of Brand Communications: Katja Johannson

Responsible on the agency side:
Group Creative Director: Francisca Maass
Creative Art Senior: Raphael Schils
Creative Art: Felix Demandt
Creative Copy Senior: Niklas Schachtebeck
Creative Copy: Clemens Kandziora
Strategist Senior: Max Weigl
Account Manager Senior: Alexander Berg
Account Manager: Claudia Dührkop
Team Assistant: Cara Turkowski
Creative Director thjnk film: Florian Weber
Agentur Producer: Swenja Krosien

Responsible on the production side:
Film production: Soup Filmproduktion GmbH
Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner
Camera: Ueli Steiger
Post-production: nhb video GmbH
Music: klangkanzlei