thjnk takes to the hills with the new Paulaner story.

In the new TV commercial for its non-alcoholic wheat beer, the tradition-steeped Munich brewery leaves its familiar “Paulanergarten”, yet still remains true to its regional tales.

Developed by the thjnk agency group, the 25-second commercial positions the non-alcoholic wheat beer as the perfect thirst-quencher for people who like to be active in their free time, and pokes fun at the weird and wonderful pick-me-ups on the market today.

Set in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, this story follows a small group of friends who are out mountain biking and need some refreshment – which, after some debate, they finally find in the form of Paulaner non-alcoholic wheat beer.

Monika Emberger, Marketing Director at Paulaner: “We have observed a growing trend towards non-alcoholic wheat beer as a refreshing drink by way of alternative to sweet spritzers or soft drinks. And that is exactly the approach Paulaner’s new communications are taking. Of course, when we talk about our non-alcoholic variety, it’s always in our typical Paulaner tongue-in-cheek tone.”

Made by Markenfilm and directed by Otto Alexander Jahrreiss, the commercial has been airing on all major TV channels since 13 July 2015. The thjnk agency group was responsible for strategic repositioning as well as all flanking out-of-home and social media measures.

To the commercial

Responsible on the client side:

Director of Marketing: Monika Emberger

Head of Advertising: Frank Matthias

Project Manager: Carolina Noske

Responsible on the agency side:

Creative Director Art: Alexander Müsgens

Creative Art: Felix Demandt, Natalie Hansen

Creative Director Copy: Max Biedermann

Creative Copy: Clemens Kandziora

Strategist Senior: Alexander Kovrigin

Account Director: Thomas Canzar

Account Manager Senior: Tristan Wiggert

Agentur Producer: Swenja Krosien

Responsible on the production side:

Film produxtion: Markenfilm GmbH & Co.KG

Director: Otto Alexander Jahrreiss

Camera: Frank Griebe

Post production: INFECTED Postproduction GmbH

Print production: MAIWOLF PHOTOGRAPHY, Eva Thar & Ulrich Wolf GbR

Online production: Datenwerk GmbH

Music: Krueger-Wilckens Musikproduktion