thjnk and Die Limo let a pair of pranksters conduct market research in wacky style.

People are invited to participate in a study at a market research institute. While it goes without saying that they don’t know what product they’ll be testing, that isn’t the only question mark hanging in the air. Is this even a real market research company or an institution of a very different kind? There’s definitely something fishy going on in the new commercial from granini and the Munich branch of the thjnk agency group.

A blend of blackcurrants, guarana and natural caffeine, die schwarze Limo from granini is a real market innovation. With its 12-percent juice content and gentle invigorating effect, this is no ordinary soft drink. So there was never any doubt that the launch of the new flavour in granini’s Die Limo brand family called for a TV commercial that was equally out of the ordinary.

This is why granini and thjnk Munich took their cue from the TV format of the testimonials by German comedians and pranksters Joko & Klaas, producing a viral video with hidden cameras under the pretence of conducting a conventional market research study. Unsurprisingly, the unpredictable events, bizarre characters and freaky atmosphere had some of the participants at their wits’ end.

Svenja Lonicer, granini marketing manager, says, “In terms of flavour, die schwarze Limo breaks new ground. Obviously, we had to reflect that when creating the commercial. The market research viral video that’s so typically Joko & Klaas is right on target.”

The viral video can be viewed on granini’s YouTube channel from 20 November 2015. Mathias Hovgaard, an expert in hidden-camera projects, was in the director’s chair for the shoot in Berlin with Cobblestone Filmproduktion.

As of now, die schwarze Limo is available exclusively from the Die Limo online shop and amazon.

To the viral

Responsible on the client side:
Marketing Managerin: Svenja Lonicer

Responsible on the agency side:
Managing Director: Francisca Maass
Kreativ-Chef thjnk film: Florian Weber
Creative Art Senior: Raphael Schils
Creative Copy Senior: Moritz Franke, Niklas Schachtebeck
Account Director: Alexander Berg
Account Manager Junior: Victoria Linz
Agentur Producer: Swenja Krosien

Responsible on the production side:
Film production: Cobblestone
Director: Mathias Hovgaard
Camera: Philipp Kirsamer
Post production: Cobblestone