thjnk and hagebaumarkt help Santa spread Christmas joy.

Since the start of 2015, the hagebaumarkt chain of DIY stores has been running an extensive new TV campaign. In keeping with the brand slogan, “hagebaumarkt. Here’s a helping hand,” the thjnk agency group’s Hamburg branch developed TV commercials highlighting that, with hagebaumarkt, help is always at hand. And it’s not just DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen that benefit. In the latest commercial, Santa also gets some much needed support.

The 20-second commercial shows Santa standing in front of an excitedly expectant family on Christmas Eve. As in previous commercials in the “helping hand” campaign, there’s a happy ending for all because Santa reaches through the bottom of his sack and into a hagebaumarkt store, where the helpful staff pass him the appropriate gifts – much to the family’s delight.

“The Christmas commercial brings a very successful year to a humorous close. We are thrilled with the results,” says Hans-Jürgen Meissner, Head of Marketing at the hagebau retail chain.

The commercial first aired in Germany on 18 December 2015 and rounds out the two nationwide TV flights, one in spring and the second in autumn, which featured a total of nine different commercials directed by Alex Feil.

To the commercial

Responsible on the client side:
Head of Marketing: Hans-Jürgen Meißner
Head of Advertising: Oliver Wichern
Project Director: Janina Schmelzer

Responsible on the agency side:
Creative Director: Leif Johannsen, Patrick Matthiensen
Creative Art Junior: Tomek Strzalka
Creative Copy Senior: Sebastian Plum, Jakob Rabold
Creative Copy: Stefan Anlauf
Account Director: Anna Lee Sønnichsen, Hannah Hofmann
Account Manager: Anna Christina Diehl
Account Manager Junior Olga Baiz, Felicitas Tennstedt
Agency Producer: Ralph Teichmann

Responsible on the production side:
Production Company: tempomedia filmproduction gmbh
Director: Alex Feil
Director of Photography: Ekkehart Pollack
Post Production: nhb ton GmbH, nhb video GmbH