thjnk and IKEA stage the fluffy side of the force.

22.05.2018: We’ve all been there. With every visit to IKEA, shoppers savour the thrill of not knowing what new discoveries they’ll make. And that’s just what some customers will experience in the new IKEA ad that airs just as the new Star Wars spin-off Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas.

Under the banner, “Discover a galaxy full of ideas”, the Swedish furniture maker celebrates how its products lend themselves to mixing and matching. In this instance, a chair is paired with a sheepskin – a combination that is at least as fluffy as Chewbacca himself.

“At IKEA, we’ve always believed in advertising that entertains. So it’s only natural that we also like to have a playful response to the latest hot topics,” says Tobias Vogler, External Communications Manager at IKEA.

The 30-second spot “Feng Chewy: An IKEA Story” is showing throughout Germany and Switzerland in cinemas screening the new Star Wars movie. In Germany, it’s even playing in 3D. On top of cinemas, the ad is also being featured on pay TV and, of course, online. Publicis.Sapient is responsible for social media distribution. The ad was produced by Markenfilm Crossing Berlin and directed by Danny Baarz.

Responsible on the client side:
Country Marketing Manager: Heiko Klauer
External Communication Manager: Tobias Vogler
Project Manager: Kathleen Döring

Responsible on the agency side:
Managing Director Creation: Stefan Schulte
Creative Director: Siyamak Jung, Sabine Kuckuck
Copywriter: Sascha Dudic
Account Manager: Kerstin Hagg, Carolin Hons, Maria Schwarz

Responsible on the production side:
Film production: Markenfilm Crossing Berlin
Producer: Bastian Seitz
Director: Danny Baarz
Camera: Björn Knechtel
Sound design: Rekorder Studios Berlin

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