We want

    It’s pretty simple. We want you. For a Miami Ad School scholarship. And a temporary permanent position afterwards at thjnk Düsseldorf. Your journey will take 2 years starting in either summer or fall 2021 - depending on your quarter of choice.

    It doesn’t matter if you want to be a copywriter or an art director. What’s definite is, that during your time with us our CCO Kai Röffen himself will be training you. We dare to say it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Who we are.

    thjnk „Düsseldorf“ sounds like a village. But it’s definitely not.

    Unsere Kunden?
    Our clients? Škoda, thyssenkrupp, Melitta, Gira and many more. B2C, B2B, FMCG. Campaiging, CI, brand design, social media, print, TV commercials. You want the whole package?
 We’ve got it.


    Who we aren't.

    We aren’t just another boring full service network agency. Well ... We offer everything they do and we are part of the WPP network.
 But somehow we managed to stay a little different from the others. Or as we like to say: 
 „Don’t Lorem.“ If you get it, you’ll fit in with our team.


    What to expect.

    We don’t do run-of-the-mill stuff. We think outside the box. And we walk the extra mile, that our clients didn’t even know existed. We want to inspire you. And we want you to inspire us. Are you down?

    How many scholarships are there?

    Short and crisp: one!

    Do I have to finish the studies in a certain time period?
    Let’s just say you should graduate within the standard period of study.

    How long does the scholarship run?
    The scholarship runs for 2 years. So basically the same amount of time as your standard period of study. You can decide whether you wish to start in the summer or fall quarter.

    Are certain qualifications required?
    We don’t care whether you’re a copywriter or an art director. What matters to us, is that you’re creative, smart and full of ideas.

    What obligations do I have?
    Do I have to keep a certain overview of grades?

    As Miami Ad School is a school, you will get grades for your performance. We expect hard work and good grades from you. So take your studies seriously.

    What does thjnk expect from me?
    That you really want this. That you’re creative. That you inspire others and are passionate about the job.

    How can I apply for the scholarship?
    You can find all the information you need about the application under


    For any further questions, you can also send an email directly to the Miami Ad School.

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