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The agency thjnk and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce are launching the first joint, nationwide training campaign of all 79 chambers of industry and commerce.

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The shortage of skilled workers is becoming an ever greater threat to the German economy - the agency thjnk and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce are therefore starting the first joint, nationwide training campaign of all 79 IHKs. Under the motto #könnenlernen now, the training is given a very special attitude towards life.

The focus of the campaign is on nine real trainees who were cast following a Germany-wide appeal. They will be featured in advertisements and social media films and will have their very own stage where new trainees can best be reached: on TikTok. Meret, Batu and Co. will give new insights into the attitude towards life in an entertaining but always authentic way every week. The @die.Azubis channel is accompanied by the agency Intermate, which specializes in social media and influencer marketing, and which supports thjnk as a partner in the project.

Head of the department for training marketing, analysis and digitization Ulrike Friedrich summarizes the core of the campaign: “It is about giving our younger generation (back) confidence in their future. We show meaning, security and personal development opportunities - in more than 200,000 training companies in Germany. Do, move something, get a little better every day and just feel good with the skills you have learned.”

Behind all trainees in Germany are of course their respective companies as a strengthening force. The total of 200,000 training companies in Germany are the best multipliers for the training attitude towards life. So that they can also be part of the campaign on their channels, thjnk will provide them with a customizable advertising material package including classic and digital assets. There will also be hands-on activities and challenges for the trainees and their companies on TikTok throughout the year.

So that the campaign can also be implemented individually by the 79 IHKs, thjnk developed a digital content management platform together with the colleagues at thjnk 24/7. The campaign will be continued continuously and with other focal points.

Gerrit Zinke, Managing Director of Creation at thjnk Hamburg, adds: “With the campaign, we want to create a genuine attitude towards life and a new awareness of the importance of training. So that the young generation at a flat share party does not start the conversation with "What are you studying?" as a matter of course. starts, but maybe also asks: "And, what have you (can) learned?"

Prong further: "We are proud that we can use our employer brand expertise for such a relevant topic - and glad that we can do it together with such a passionate customer as the IHK."


Head of Department for Training Marketing, Analysis and Digitization: Ulrike Friedrich

Head of Brand Management and Member Communication: Mathias Rabenau


Managing Director: Gerrit Zinke

Managing Director: Lin Lehn

Creative Director: Ludwig Blaumer

Creative Director: Natalie Hansen

Creative Director: Heiko Meyer

Creative Director: Raphael Schils

Teamlead Digital: Annika Verborg

Account Director: Vera Jandl


Phototgraph: Florian Schüppel

Production: Truemates GmbH

Social Media Agency: Intermate Media GmbH


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