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The state of Baden-Württemberg will start the year 2023 with a new agency: thjnk Berlin. The capital city office of the agency group thjnk was able to assert itself in a multi-stage pitch.

four men and one woman waving and smiling into the camera

Hendrik Heine, Managing Director Consulting thjnk Berlin: "Baden-Württemberg is an advertising legend: We are really very happy to be able to join the tradition of sensational campaigns and agencies."

Stefan Schulte, Managing Director Creation thjnk Berlin: “22 years ago, the state of Baden-Württemberg invented the category of state marketing, so to speak, and has repeatedly set standards with campaigns – such as recently with THE LÄND. It's a big responsibility, but we're happy to take it on."

The mandate includes communicative-strategic management with the aim of addressing specialists at national and international level and further positioning Baden-Württemberg as a location. The cooperation will start in November 2022.


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