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BIONADE and thjnk Munich do honest advertising.

We are in the middle of the 90s, lemonade is sugar sweet and BIONADE is revolutionising the entire category. However, the likeable image of the cult brand as an organic lemonade pioneer is fading over the decades. So how do you manage to counteract the downward trend? With radical honesty!

In a humorous way and with self-irony, We use the advertising promises which are typical for the industry in a humorous, self-deprecating way and expose the brand's own weaknesses. The look and feel of the entire campaign is just like the BIONADE products: Natural and without artificial additives. This means: there is simplicity instead of spectacular high-gloss staging: one camera shot, one message - and the new flavours. It's still advertising.

The honest campaign worked honestly well for BIONADE: The brand moved from the midfield back to the top of organic lemonades, ensuring the best year in business for a long time. The image shift was also successful: 2 out of 3 consumers perceive Bionade more positive.