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Die Limo by granini
thjnk München
Content, Film, Social Media, Storytelling

Who is young, sassy and bittersweet? That’s right: Joko and Klaas. It’s what makes them the perfect match for Die Limo by granini. We positioned Die Limo as the lemonade that doesn’t follow the rules. The storytelling campaign starring the charismatic duo sought to answer one question: Can you taste the The?

It all began with a spoof on another commercial – which delighted the online community, but not so much Mentos, who made the original. The follow-up commercials also caused quite a stir: Joko and Klaas at a fake press conference, in an idealised advertising world, hiding in a viral experiment, frustrated in advertising hell and appearing live as counsellors to anonymous lemonade drinkers. And the story continues.