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A pickle conquers Christmas

Christmas - the time of family and traditions. So how does McDonald's, as Germany's most popular family restaurant, manage to become part of it? That was the question to be answered in a cross-channel communication concept for the 2020 Christmas campaign.

Namely, with the help of a pickle. We reinterpreted the almost forgotten custom of the Christmas pickle - a glass pickle ornament hidden in the tree - in a cross-media campaign and brought it back to life.

The core of the campaign was an emotional film about a lonely pickle looking for a family at Christmas. Online content continued the story, and on TikTok users could even become a pickle themselves through an AR filter. It reached 192 million contacts, was liked, shared and generated a lot of PR buzz. On December 22, the pickle could be picked up as merchandise at McDonald's. Just in time for the festivities, it was hanging in over 125,000 Christmas trees.