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Corporate website development.

The corporate website of the public limited company Vitesco Technologies functions as a platform. A platform that meets the demands of international content management, the brand and last but not least the demands of the users. The website is maintained in 10 different languages and offers conceptual challenges in terms of both maintenance and user experience. Guidelines that are supported by the brand and the content management of different cultures were created to ensure that users internationally can enjoy a fluid user experience.

With a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in September 2021, the new Vitesco Technologies website went online and serves all the needs of the various user groups - including the use on mobile devices.

Together with Vitesco, we build Technologies on quantitative and above all on qualitative feedback in order to continuously meet the demands of the user groups. Tracking tools and user testing help us to improve usability and anticipate potential.

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Corporate Design

Everything around the brand „Vitesco Technologies“ originates from the pens of loved.

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