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Pro Infirmis

Digital, Social Media, Film, OOH, Print

With the awareness campaign “Everyone is equal. No one is more equal.”, Pro Infirmis deliberately breaks with clichés. They not only believe in targeting funny bones rather than tear ducts, but also in showing people with disabilities as regular members of society.

The 100-second-long commercial was directed by Jon Barber, who has a reputation for humorous ads. In the spot, 13 protagonists with a variety of disabilities are shown dealing with small annoyances. The kinds of things absolutely everyone can identify with.

The song “Jump Down, Spin Around”, performed by Harry Belafonte, was a lucky find from 1957. Belafonte, 91, who lives in Harlem in New York, gave permission for the song to be used specifically in this project. Flanking measures – social media, poster and print ad campaigns – also feature the protagonists from the spot.