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Commerzbank and thjnk Hamburg prove their stance in the sponsoring campaign for the Women's World Cup: "We don't need balls, we have ponytails (in German lit. horecock).“

Commerzbank has been sponsoring the German women's national football team for more than 10 years. Hardly any other team is as successful. And yet many still have prejudices against women's football. On the occasion of the 2019 World Cup in France, we wanted to set an example and make it clear that women's football has nothing to fear from comparison - and is certainly anything but boring. It is stronger and more emancipated than ever. We give the players the stage they deserve: with a courageous attitude film in which they themselves take outdated images of women and sexist clichés for a ride - and thus stand against them.

Our film makes it clear that the women of the German Football Association are leading the field in a self-determined way today: emancipated and with a lot of passion for the sport. Our film went viral in a flash. The international press reported on it in more than 47 countries. So we generated a total reach of 3.1 billion people. The message became a movement and #Pferdeschwänze a statement for equality and emancipation. Last but not least, the film motivated many girls and women in Germany to sign up for football clubs: an increase of over 21% compared to the previous year.