thjnk Düsseldorf

CI/CD, Content, Digital, Film, Packaging, Social Media

Since 1888, the family firm Göbber has been giving people a sweet start to their day with fruit spreads. But hey, the jam business is just like every other sphere of life. If you want to create something entirely new – and be successful at it, too – you have to think outside the box. Or jar, in this case.

So we decided we don’t sell jam. We sell happiness. Because a little happiness makes life sweeter. With this brand idea at the core, we created a whole cosmos of happiness, or “Glück” in German. Including the brand launch as well as the content, digital and social media strategy.

In addition, we customtailored a very fine garment for said happiness. A real looker – pardon taker. Because happiness doesn’t just fall from the heavens. You have to reach out and grab it.