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thjnk Berlin

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thjnk Berlin gives IKEA a fresh new face.

2014: 40 years after the first IKEA store in Germany opened up, the "impossible furniture store from Sweden" is in danger to become an ordinary furniture retailer. IKEA used to be unique with its furniture and its way of advertising. The brand is now facing massive competition. Others have been offering Scandinavian design for a while now or create inspirations on Instagram just like IKEA. Others are increasingly discovering storytelling for themselves on TV also.

Therefore it is about time for IKEA to make its role as an inspiring enabler of a better everyday life clearer again - in a way that only IKEA can: with Swedishness, humour, clever everyday observations and: Smilla! The Swede gives the company a fresh new face and the following campaigns a common thread. thjnk develops the narrative of each campaign and defines the focus of the thematic calendar, which becomes the base for the work of the rest of the agency pool.

The life of the pleasant blonde inspires whole Germany very quickly. With Smilla, the age of cross-media storytelling is dawning at IKEA. Storytelling that not only works within a campaign across different media, and also creates a connection between campaigns through its serial character, which continuously excites and involves people. "Many brand builders dream of such a repositioning" writes Handelsblatt later.